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Specializing in concrete forming in the construction industry in BC, SKYLANDS was founded with a deep understanding of the challenges facing medium-sized residential projects in the Greater Vancouver area.


Our Services

We specialize in providing high-quality concrete forming services for medium-sized residential projects in the Greater Vancouver area. Our services include foundation forming, slab forming, and wall forming. Our team of professionals ensures timely completion of projects while adhering to budget constraints. We use cutting-edge layout tools and an integrated 3D building model to enhance efficiency and precision.

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About Us

SKYLANDS is a construction company specializing in concrete forming in the Greater Vancouver area. We were formed through a strategic merger between ARDOR HOMES and LOUISAN, with a focus on addressing the challenges faced by medium-sized residential projects in the region. Our company was founded with a deep understanding of the construction industry and the challenges facing medium-sized residential projects in the Greater Vancouver area. We are dedicated to delivering projects that provide an uncompromising commitment to exceptional quality. Our core values include integrity, collaboration, responsibility, and seeking mutually beneficial outcomes.












Integrated 3D Building Model

Three months before construction begins, we integrate information from architectural drawings, structural drawings, and other professional drawings(regardless of their format, be it PDF or CAD) into a comprehensive 3D building model. This process is conducted to verify discrepancies among the various professional drawings. In most cases, numerous discrepancies are identified during this process. We promptly provide feedback to architects and engineers for confirmation,Avoiding Change Orders During Construction.

3D Model


Cutting-edge Layout Tools

Once the 3D building model is accurate and error-free, we import trusted CAD drawings into TOTAL STATION. With only basic benchmark points placed by a legal surveyor, we can freely conduct layout on-site, significantly enhancing the efficiency of on-site layout, ensuring precision, and saving on survey costs.


User-friendly Construction Model

​After verifying the accuracy of our 3D building model, we developed a construction model highlighting elements crucial for forming works (soffits, bulkheads, decks, etc.), integrated with professional shop drawings. This approach allows workers to quickly learn the model within 30 minutes, facilitating efficient and accurate forming work without the need for multiple drawings. We've streamlined the process by consolidating essential drawing information into one intuitive model, simplifying on-site tasks.




​Skilled Workforce

Our workforce comprises highly skilled professionals proficient in forming, framing, and general contracting in Greater Vancouver area. They are well-versed in the application and installation of various Formwork and scaffolding systems, including Aluma, Atlas, Peri, DOKA, and more. We guarantee that every project is executed to perfection.


Townhouse With Underground Parking

In the context of Vancouver's varied elevation, our projects stands out for its unique structural challenges. Despite its modest footprint of 20,000-30,000 square feet, the complexity of the design, especially with the inclusion of underground parking, presents a significant engineering puzzle. The city's changing topography necessitates innovative solutions, such as folded or stepped structures, to navigate these challenges effectively.

Concrete Condo

Concrete condominiums have long been synonymous with luxury developments in Vancouver. These projects typically feature two to three levels of underground parking, a requirement that becomes a considerable challenge given the city's limited working surface area. This constraint is not limited to just the construction phase but also extends to material storage. Furthermore, the integration of electrical, pluming, and HVAC systems within the concrete slabs adds another layer of complexity. To address these challenges, we employ Revit for detailed engineering of rebar, HVAC ducts, and plumbing pipelines, facilitating the creation of a comprehensive construction model. This approach ensures seamless connectivity between different construction phases and helps in preempting potential conflicts.

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